The Ten Core Strategic Objectives of the Pan-Anarchist Movement?

Attack the System

Four years ago, I introduced the concept of the “ten core demographics,” that is, ten very general sets of population groups, the majority of each we would have to win over to our camp if pan-anarchism, anarcho-pluralism, alternative-anarchism, anarchism without adjectives, national-anarchism, tribal -anarchism, synthesist anarchism, whatever we are is to be successful.

Then as now, I generally regard these ten demographics, and the many sub-demographics within each, as constituting the basis of the alliances and constituents we should seek to be cultivating for practical purposes. Now that my book, Attack the System, is finally published, I believe I have been successful in doing what I originally set out to do years ago: Establish a comprehensive theoretical paradigm and strategic model for a 21st century anarchist movement that draws on the legacy of the movements that have gone before, but advance the theoretical foundations of anarchism to…

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